September 2010

September 2010

First Pears:  The first pears are ripe on our new pear trees!  They are the Williams variety, which are a relatively early sort, and I think they are my favourite pear.  Williams is the classic pear for the renowned Williams pear schnapps, because distilling this pear captures all of the unique aroma, concentrating it into each drop of the drink!  The fresh fruit itself also possesses this aroma of course, but the fruit needs to be picked at just the right time and then carefully ripened to perfection off the tree.  We wont be selling these few - we'll be enjoying them ourselves.  Hopefully next year we will have a decent crop to sell - the trees have grown very well and are looking promising.

Cider Course:  Once again this is the month where I give a 1-day course on home cider-making at the Sonairte Ecology Centre in Laytown.  It's on the 24th, and if you've missed it and are interested in availing of it next year, watch this space.  Making a natural wholesome cider at home is very simple.  There's a bit of work involved, but the principles are simple, and you can get by without fancy expensive equipment.

Grape Harvest:  The grape harvest kicked off this month with picking all our white wine grapes (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Schoenburger).  We had to do it a little earlier than I would have liked because birds and wasps were beginning to threaten the crop too seriously.  Nevertheless, the quality looks quite good, and we'll see in a few months how it turns out.

Cockerel Soup:  Our cockerel, which we've had since last November, has finally met his maker.  His days had been numbered for quite some time now, as he had been simply too aggressive to the extent that the small kids were afraid to brave it to the garden unless they knew for certain he was fenced in.  He even attacked me on occasion, often as I was even just feeding the hens!  Nevertheless I was fond of him, but for the childrens' sake he had to go.  So finally we set aside a time to do the job on him, and I made a nice caserole and soup from him.

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