Grapevines for Ireland

Grapevines for Ireland

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Since I started growing grapes as a hobby I have also been propagating vines and raising the plants to sell. I have a small range of vines for sale to Irish gardeners, but at this stage the main one I recommend to people for growing outdoors is Rondo, because it really is capable of putting up with our climate and of providing ripe grapes outdoors, year after year, in this country.  It is a vigourous variety, with dark green leaves, turning shades of red and yellow in the Autumn. The berries are small and sweet. It does have large pips, and although it was bred mainly as a wine grape, it is perfectly delicious to eat, if you dont mind the pips and the small size of the berries.It ripens generally early October outdoors in the open, mid September when grown against a sunny wall, and July-August when grown in a glasshouse or polytunnel.

A green version of the Rondo vine is a new variety called Solaris. I have not yet much experience of growing it but it is reputed to be as reliable as Rondo.  I am planting both of these varieties in my vineyard for wine production.

Both these varieties are available as 2-year-old plants grown in pots. Both varieties have the advantage that they have been developed by crossing Vitis vinifera with disease-resistant species of vines, meaning that they are far more resistant to the mildews that tend to plague conventional grape varieties.  They are priced at €15 each, and are capable of giving their first fruit the year after they are planted.

We also stock the very useful RHS Handbook on growing grapes in Britain (priced €12). Unfortunately I don't have enough time to answer the many questions I get asked about growing grapes, so this book is my answer to that problem! 

The pot-grown vines can be bought and planted at any time of year. Apart from the small vines, I also have a selection of bare-rooted varieties and larger more mature vines, both wine and dessert varieties, which are available in the winter months. If you are interested in buying vines from us you should contact me and I’ll happily discuss your requirement with you.  We often have some of the potted vines with us at the Market Stall, but if you wish to come to the Market for a vine, best to contact us by phone in advance to make sure we bring with us what you are interested in.

Truly hardy grapevine varieties which will actually ripen in soggy old Ireland. Buy Rondo, Solaris, Phoenix vines, tried and tested in the Irish climate.

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