October 2010

October 2010

Quinces:  We have a lovely quince tree growing inside our new polytunnel - its about 20 years old now but this is its first season growing in the luxurious warmth of the tunnel, and it was very happy! We've just picked its crop of beautiful yellow sweet-smelling fruits, and I made quince jelly from them, which is absolutely delicious, with quite a unique flavour (we'll have some jars available to sell at the stall, just to see what our customers think). Our outdoor quince tree has also performed well this year.  I know that weatherwise this was a better than average summer, but I feel inspired now to plant a little plot of new quince trees, in the hope of regular crops of these wonderful fruits.

Grape harvest:  October is the month of our main grape harvest, and we picked all our red-wine grapes a little earlier than normal this year.  We crushed them and set them to ferment on their skins for a few weeks before pressing next month.  The table grapes are a bit of a disappointment this year, not because we dont have a good crop, but because mice have been climbing the vines and nibbling berries in very many of the bunches. We ended up with only a limited amount good enough to pack in punnets for selling at the Market Stall. However I hope we can maybe salvage much of the unpicked crop and turn it into grape juice. We'll see if this works out.

Apple Harvest:  October is also the month of the main apple harvest.  We picked our own Jupiter Pippins, which we will have at the Stall from November to January.  Also, the other apples which we will be selling during the next several months, namely Elstar, Jonagold and Wellant, are picked this month.

Picking Pears:  This month sees the picking of our main pears Concorde, and also the few Gieser Wildeman.  We got just about 15kg of Giesers, and about 60kg of Concorde. Next year I'll be hoping for 10 times this amount.  They are for selling later in the autumn, after some time in storage.  This month we were also unexpectedly able to avail of a crop of Conference pears growing in North County Wicklow.  We picked these in the second week of October.  We are selling some of them at the Market Stall, and we have made Pear Juice out of the rest of them.  This is a bit exciting, because as far as I know, it is the only Irish pear juice, and pear juice generally is quite a rarity.

Great Publicity:  By pure chance, we have had a string of features and mentions this month on TV, radio, and in the papers.  From Capital D on RTE 1, to Richard Corrigan, to Pat Kenny, to several mentions in the Irish Times, (and others), you can view, listen and read some of them if you check the links listed in the Reviews section.



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