NEW! Llewellyn's Premium Irish Pear Juice

NEW! Llewellyn's Premium Irish Pear Juice

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The latest addition to our product range is this new pure pear juice.  This is a 'limited edition' juice, made in one single batch from the 2010 crop of Conference pears, grown in County Wicklow.  It's the first time we've done a pear juice.  Pressing day came, one week after we picked the crop, and we waited with great hope and anticipation for the first juicy drops to dribble from the press....we! it was delicious!

Pears are unfortunately a rarity in Ireland because of our relatively cool climate, but when they do produce a crop, they are wonderful!  Because the quantity of this special batch is relatively small, we don't plan to supply it to any shops, so anybody who wants it will have to come to us at our Farmers Markets, or get it from us in Lusk.

The juice is cloudy with a pale yellow colour and a rich thick texture. Typical of pears, the natural acidity is low, and this brings the natural sweetness of the juice to the fore.  In fact, after we pressed the pears, the acidity of the juice turned out to be too low.  The natural acids in Pear juice are citric and malic acid.  In order to safely bottle the juice and prevent it from going off, we had to add a tiny extra amount of these two natural fruit acids. We tried blending in an acidic apple with the pears, but the apple flavour dominated to much, so we just added the fruit acids.  This actually improved the flavour, giving the juice a slight tanginess to balance the extreme sweetness.  So it is a true pure pear juice, quite unique.  For those who like a 'tangy bite' to their juices, the pear juice might seem too sweet, but for people who really like sweet fruit like ripe pears, or for those who have a low tolerance to acidic fruits and juices, this might be the perfect treat, even if only occasionally. 

Rich textured, delicately flavoured, pure pear juice, pressed from fresh Irish pears. This 'limited edition' juice is not in the shops!

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