Latest News

Latest News

The work and the happenings on a small fruit farm such as ours varies as the seasons change.  There are routine tasks which are carried out at a certain time of the year, and these tasks will be part of the on-going yearly calender of work year after year.  The Latest News will reflect this, and reminds us of the progress of the seasons, and the variety and change that comes with the seasons changing.

Alongside the routine seasonal events which are more or less repeated each year, there are other happenings which occur as part of a vibrant and developing small enterprise such as ours.  A new venture is embarked upon, a new product produced, a new orchard planted, a new machine acquired or a new idea tried out - all of this contributes to adding extra interest and variety to the otherwise predictable seasonal sequence of work. 

All in all, it makes for an interesting and fulfilling way of life, and we like to share some of the sense of this with our customers and visitors to our site.

What's happening with us from month to month through the year

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