June 2011

June 2011

Strawberries: Our strawberries have finished up a bit earlier than normal this year, around mid-June. We got a relatively small crop but they seemed to be extra tasty. We now need to clear all the old strawberry plants out of the polytunnel to leave more space and light for the cherry trees to grow.

First Cherries: Our first crop of cherries is ripening this month, and we have them for sale from 18th at the Market Stall. They are extremely delicious, and anyone who wants some should be at the Market early, as we only have a small amount this year.

New Pigs:  This month we get 3 new young pigs to rear at the orchard over the summer and autumn months. We will have delicious, wholesome pork, sausages, ham and rashers in the autumn. We will keep a portion of the meat for our own use, and we will have the remainder available for sale.  Our pigs will be living in our barley field, where they can forage on greenery and roots, and we will also feed them grains and apples.  Anybody who is interested in securing some of this meat should let us know as soon as possible - you dont need to commit at this stage, but it will be first come first served when it comes to allocating the meat later on.

Pears: The pear crop is coming along nicely, and looking good. The trees seem to be recovering well from the battering they got from the gales on May 23rd.  The abundant fruitlets seem to be thinning themselves naturally, so we wont have to manually thin them ourselves, except maybe looking over the crop to remove damaged fruit to allow the trees to put all their energy into the good fruit.

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