January 2011

January 2011

WIN a hamper of our goodies! To celebrate and promote our recently launched website, we have decided to play a game, and give big hampers of our goodies to 3 lucky winners in a draw.

Every customer who buys anything worth €5 or more from us at our Market Stall will receive an Entry Ticket, to enter and play the game. But there is a catch!  On the Entry Ticket there are 2 questions to be answered - all the answers can be found somewhere on our website!  We hope we havn't made it too difficult - but it's designed to exercise the brain a bit!  Don't look in the 'Grapes' section for a question about apples!! 

For each €5 spent at our Stall, we will give you 1 Entry Ticket, and you can submit as many entries as you like. All Entry Tickets returned to us will be put in a box, and we plan to pick the winners at the end of January - the first 3 Tickets with the correct answers will win the hampers.

First prize will be a hamper worth €200, second prize will be worth €100, and third prize will be worth €75. The winners will be contacted by us, and will be offered the choice to 'Build Your Own Hamper', using their own selection of any of our delicious range of products listed here, to the value of their prize.  (One prize only per individual entrant, i.e. if you have entered 10 tickets and in the unlikely event that we happen to draw 2 of your tickets, we will give you the higher prize and draw a further ticket for the next prize).

Start of a new year:  Well here we go again, ringing out the old and ringing in the new!  We're looking forward to the new year, although I expect it will bring its challenges, not least the general difficult economic situation in the country.  Yet, we have a few new things planned for the new season.  The new 3 acre field, which we now have beside us, somehow gives me a more optimistic feeling - I will have the possibility for new projects now, which otherwise would not be possible.  The field is presently sown with a new crop of winter barley.  Like a painter with a blank canvas before him, I need to take the time to consider what I am going to put on it, rather than just impatiently rush in and splash my colours around!

Winter Pruning:  This is the time I like to tackle the pruning of the vines and the fruit trees.  I find it to be relaxing and invigourating work during the Christmas break when things are pretty quiet. As the weather suits, you can do an hour here, a few hours there, and your work time is limited in any case by the short precious daylight hours of winter.  The pears and most of the vines are done now, and the apples have been started.  I'm hopeful this year of getting the whole job completed and prunings tidied on time this year, for a change.  It's nice to have all winter jobs completed, and the orchard tidy and ready for the budburst and blossom of the new season. 

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