Fresh eggs from the Orchard

Fresh eggs from the Orchard

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Since Autumn 2009 we have had some hens roaming around the orchard.  Since we kept hens in the garden when I was a child, I've always wanted to keep them again, and now it has come to pass! 

I find hens tremendously fascinating and relaxing to observe!  It has been a very enjoyable experience observing them and learning how best to manage them and look after them. It's also been great for our kids! We now have a very small but regular supply of the most delicious free-range eggs - "the finest eggs in Christendom", as a customer recently remarked!.

Our eggs are not at all like the 'free-range' eggs you buy in the shops, which invariably come from large chicken farms of literally thousands of hens, whose free-range activities amount to about an hour a day in the mud or dust outside the poultry shed. Unfortunately that seems to be the reality of commercial 'free-range' egg farming.  On the other hand, our hens forage throughout the day in the orchard, on insects and wild herbs and grass, and with just a few dozen birds, we dont need to worry about them being overcrowded or not having enough greenery to feast on. 

We sell the eggs only at our market stall at the weekends.  We recently hatched some pure breeds, like Marans (chocolate brown eggs), Leghorns (snow-white eggs), and Light Sussex, who are laying now, and these add a new dimension of some interestingly coloured eggs to the mix!  My ambition now is to get some rare Lavender Auracanas into the mix, which lay a beautiful light blue egg!

Unbeatable flavour of eggs from our orchard chickens. Hurry if you want some of these eggs before they get snapped up at our weekend market stall!

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