Free-range Bronze Turkeys

Free-range Bronze Turkeys

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Tastiest Christmas Dinner from 'Happy Turkeys'!  This year we are linking up with David McEvoy of Termonfeckin, County Louth, to help him sell his famous free-range Bronze Turkeys. Few people realise that only a tiny fraction of Christmas turkeys sold in Irish butchers and supermarkets are even Irish, let alone reared in a natural humane free-range environment to produce the finest quality birds.

There are only 10,000 free-range bronze turkeys raised each year in the whole of Ireland, and David's farm is one of only a handful of farms scattered throughout the country who raise these premium turkeys.

We are taking orders now for Christmas, and you can order any size turkey in the range of 10lb to 24lb.  These oven-ready turkeys are priced €4/lb (€8.80/kg), which is excellent value for such quality, because they are coming direct from the producer.  These bronze turkeys are grown slowly over 26 weeks in an outdoor environment, compared with 12-14 weeks for 'factory-farmed' indoor turkeys. By the time they are ready for Christmas they are mature and well filled out, with excellent breast-meat development and amazing flavour.  Even the smaller sizes are properly developed well-filled birds, with the tell-tale deep dimple at the breast-bone.  The earlier you place an order, the better your chance of getting the size you desire.

How to Order:  To order, phone David Llewellyn on 087-2843879, or visit us at one of our Farmers' Market Stalls.  If you have any queries on anything related to the turkeys or the prices etc, just call David.

How to get your turkey:  On Friday 23rd December we will be at UCD on the South side of Dublin from 11am to 1pm to allow customers to come and collect their turkeys.  We will also be at the Temple Bar Food Market on Saturday Christmas Eve from 10am to 1pm for customers who wish to collect there.  Otherwise, turkeys can be collected from our Orchard in Lusk on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon.  I will confirm with each customer which collection option they would like to avail of.  Each turkey will be pre-chilled, packed oven-ready in an insulated box, with giblets, and cooking instructions, and will keep cool for several days in its insulated box without the need for refrigeration.

Christmas hams:  We also have Dry Cured Hams for Christmas, dry-cured by David McEvoy.  The range is as follows: Boneless hams: 6.5lb €28, 13lb €45;  Whole hams on the bone: 16lb €40; Honey-clove ham 6lb €38.  To order or if you have any queries, phone David on 087-2843879.

Note that these hams are distinct from our own Free-range Pork and Bacon, which is available from us in a very limited quantity.

Less than 1% of all Christmas turkeys in Ireland are proper tasty free-range bronze turkeys. Contact us to order one of the finest outdoor-reared bronze turkeys available in Ireland.

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