December 2010

December 2010

Hamper Draw:  Because of all the recently cancelled markets during the recent cold spell, we have decided to run the 'competition' for our Hamper Draw until the end of January, and hold the draw at the end of that month.  So if you want to enter, you can pick up 'Tickets' at the Market Stall each time you shop with us, right through January.

Eggs are back!  We have some eggs to sell again, as our hens are laying again at about 'half steam', and our new pullets have just started laying the occasional egg. Our single Exchequer Leghorn hen looks like she's laying almost an egg a day now, and it's an interesting shape, quite pointed at one end, and lovely white colour.

Last Markets before Christmas:  The weekend of 18th and 19th December are the last 2 markets we do before Christmas. Naturally, anyone who wishes to callout to us to buy produce, can do so up until Christmas Eve.

Arctic Weather Blues:  The recent icy spell did not exactly come at a good time for us - would have been more welcome in January! Our farmers' markets were cancelled for 2 weekends, just when we would be hoping for a busy pre-Christmas trade, and the freeze also happened to coincide with the RDS Craft Fair which meant that we lost a lot of potential trade there.  Back at base we had some damage from pipes freezing, a bust irrigation pump, bust pressure washer, and even some burst juice bottles which had frozen!  All our plants should be fine however. Fruit trees, and even grapevines, are well able to withstand those kind of low temperatures in their winter dormancy.

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