August 2011

August 2011

Williams Pears:  The Pear season kicks off with the harvesting of our crop of 'Williams' pears towards the end of the month. When ripened to perfection the Williams pear is a wonderfully juicy aromatic treat of a pear!  We dont have a huge amount, but the crop was good nevertheless, considering the trees are only in their second season after planting, and the fruit has grown very nicely.

Break from Farmers' Markets:  This year we decided to take a break from the farmers markets for 2 weekends.  This is the quitest time of year for us at the markets, where we have no fresh fruit to sell until the new season apples come in, and many of our regular customers are away on holidays.  It was great to be able to 'shut shop' and take a break with the family.

Wine Bottling:  Bottled our 2009 Chardonnay this month.  Evan doyle of the Brooklodge Hotel was screaming for it for the Taste Council Dinner there on August 30th.  I am glad to report that it went down very well.  I saw one discerning lady desparately draining the last drops from a few bottles at the end of the evening after it was all gone!  (there was still plenty of 'foreign' wine available, lest aspersions might be cast on the lady!).

Cool Summer:  June, July and August is year have been cooler than normal, but crops still seem to be ahead of normal due to the early warm Spring we had.  It has also been a very dry season, and the soil is abnormally dry down to quite a depth.  However we are finding the fruit crops performing well so far this season, and this is largely thanks to the fact that we are able to irrigate the fruit trees with a simple drip irrigation system.

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