Apple-fed Pigs for Tasty Pork and Bacon

Apple-fed Pigs for Tasty Pork and Bacon

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Apple-fed happy free-range Pigs: This summer we once again reared some free-range pigs next to our orchard. The New 3-acre field was lush with a crop of winter barley, and we put our new piggies in there to feast themselves on the abundant nutritious greenery.  When the barley was harvested in July, we were able to feed them with the barley grain, and we gave them all the apples they could enjoy during their final months in the early autumn.  This year we got our piglets from Felix Cropp in Cavan, whose mother Silke makes the famous Corleggy Cheese.

We brought our pigs to TJ Crowe in Tipperary, as we did with our previous pigs.  They are a small neat outfit, who cater really well for people who have only a couple of pigs, like ourselves.  They do a really good job of curing fantstic ham and rashers, and making really fine sausages. So we now have frozen cuts of pork and bacon, sausages, and rashers.  We can now take orders for pork and bacon, and you can either collect from us in Lusk, or arrange to collect from us at one of our Farmers' Markets.  Anyone who is interested should contact us here.   If you are interested, please do contact us to let us know, because the amount of meat will be very limited, and we will be keeping half of it for ourselves!  Remember that these pigs are reared in a true free-range fashion, foraging on greenery and roots in the field, fed grains and apples, and sleeping in a cosy hut in the middle of their field.

Finest quality pork and bacon from just a handful if happy pigs living at our orchard.

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