Orchard Glow mulled apple juice

Orchard Glow mulled apple juice

This is our unique recipe of spiced apple juice, which makes a surprisingly delicious and warming alternative to mulled wine. Basically I developed this recipe towards the end of the last century(!), and to be honest I cant remember the exact source of the inspiration for it. However, I certainly seem to have hit on something good, as it’s the trademark many people seem to remember our Market Stall for, especially in cold weather, and quite a few customers make the pilgrimage to the Stall just to get their hands around a hot cup of Orchard Glow. We prepare the Orchard Glow each market day fresh at the Stall, and serve it hot in paper cups.

Originally I had intended it to be a winter item at the Stall, but because of the number of ‘complaints’ I got when I discontinued it for the summer months, I now serve it all year round!! In a nutshell, Orchard Glow starts off as our ‘Medium apple juice in a heating pot, and then I add a special recipe of pure natural spices which I have perfected, and I simply heat it up and serve it. Visit our market stall, and warm your bones with a cup of Orchard Glow, either as it is, so delicious, or have a complimentary shot of apple brandy thrown into it, magical! 

At present I sell sachets of the spice mix to customers who wish to prepare Orchard Glow at home – they just need to add it to some of our Medium apple juice.

Orchard Glow not only tastes good, but its vitamins and spices seem to have a beneficial effect on people a little under the weather with cold or flu – before Christmas a woman phoned me, having brought some home, and swore to me that it cured her of a horrible cold, and got her through the week!

A unique warming mulled apple juice made from our own recipe of spices.

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