About the Orchard & Vineyard

About the Orchard & Vineyard

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In 1999 we started growing apples for a living in a rented orchard in North County Dublin, while living in a rented house nearby.

After years of looking out for a suitable plot of land, we finally managed in 2002 to get a nice south-facing field of good soil just outside the village of Lusk.

The first thing we did was plant a shelter-belt of hawthorn, alder, poplar and sycamore trees around the perimeter of the field, plant an orchard of young apple trees which I had raised myself, and plant a small vineyard of vines which I had raised over the previous 2 years.

We moved onto the site and lived in a mobile home while we raised our family and started to develop our little fruit farm.  We moved into the mobile home with 2 kids;  5 years later by the time we had managed to build a house, we moved out of the mobile home with 4 kids!

We now grow a range of fruits and produce a selection of premium juices, ciders and vinegars, all made from Irish-grown fruits.

We sell our complete range of produce at our weekly farmers markets, and we also supply a number of shops, cafes and restaurants.


How and why we started our own orchard, growing apples, pears, grapes and even producing our own wine in Ireland

Fruit and Vine
Premium Quality Grown and Made in Ireland
Winner of 2010 Bridgestone Award Member of Good Food Ireland